Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i survived

for the past week (well- i guess i should say the week before saturday) i have been busting my tail end trying to prepare for "personality". personality is our county's version of a street fair. fair food-yum, carnival rides, craft booths, awareness booths, live/local music, etc. we live in person county- just in case you were wondering where they got the name 'personality'... yeah i know...

anyways- i had a booth. but it wasn't until a week before personality that i knew i was going to have a booth. you see- i e-mailed them (the powers to be) about a month or so ago to get information about setting up a booth to sell my stuff... never heard back... didn't think much of it... then- on thursday, november 6th- hubby surprised me- he had taken it upon himself to call the chamber of commerce and find out about getting a booth space... the deadline was the 7th- so- after school on friday- hubby and i went and signed up! woohoo!

then it hit me- i didn't have enough crafts to bother with even entertaining the idea of a booth.... so i spent the whole weekend and week up until this past saturday making jewelry until i had blisters... hubby even jumped on board and made 4 bracelets!

i had fun- but i am glad my first is over... i just didn't have a clue where to start or how much to do....

the most interesting part of this adventure was dealing with the weather... you see- we were OUTSIDE! that would have been fine, since the temp was in the 60's... but the 20mph winds didn't help out so much! especially when you are trying to hold down a 10x10 tent.... it was RIDICULOUS!

i didn't make any money- but i did brake pretty even.... and i still have quite a bit to sell... so a profit is still a possibility... looking for unique Christmas gifts?!?
here are some pics for your pleasure...

hubby's bracelet that he designed himself... it sold... and then she asked for matching earrings!

a pic of hubby helping me total up the cost of all the jewelry so we could price it accordingly... he was so helpful!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vote Life

Millions of young lives depend on our election-day decisions. Over 35 years of hard won pro-life battles could be reversed if voters remain uninformed - especially Christian voters who alone could reclaim the rights of the unborn on November 4th.

We need to be wise and biblical in our decision making... we need to use God's word as a guideline...

here is a link to a recent sermon about Our Civic Responsibilities based on text from the book of Daniel. http://www.westwoodfamily.org/TheLibrary/Sermons/Message%2010-26-08%20Lessons%20From%20Daniel%20On%20Our%20Civic%20Responsibilities_24kbs.mp3