Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We freed the hot dogs

Well... we had the block party for Neuva Esperanza last night. We passed out free hot dogs and information about the upcoming Bible studies.

I thought I would be "cool" and use one of those free online translators to say that in Spanish... so here ya go :-)

Bien... tuvimos el partido del bloque para Neuva Esperanza anoche. Nosotros nos desmayamos libertamos los perros calientes y la información acerca de los estudios próximos de Biblia.

Then I noticed the "fine print". It said -This free translation is ideal for instant, draft-quality results. It is a "gisted" translation, providing a basic understanding of the original text.

That kinda made me think..."humm, I will have no well of telling if it translated the way I want it to...for all I know- I could be telling people we will be giving away biblical hotdogs, or maybe something along the lines of passing out at a party." For any of you who have taken a Spanish class you will understand. Things don't always translate word for word.

So I came up with the bright idea of using a different website that translates and paste in what they gave me in Spanish. If I entered the Spanish and have it translated back into English I will be able to better understand what I am telling the world in Spanish. So I did that! :-) Apparently this is the literal translation of what the Spanish is actually saying. *LOL*

... we had the party of the block for Neuva well Hope last night. We freed the hot dogs and the information about the next studies of Bible.
gotta love it :-)

Anyways- just had to enlighten ya'll.
So here are some pics from the last night.
Fixin' the "freed hot dogs"

Takin' hot dogs door to door

Balloon animals for the kids


erin blakley said...

you definitely got the second "laugh out loud" from me!! We definitely did NOT free the hot dogs...we only burnt them. See you when you're back from Montana!

erin blakley said...

by the way...so proud of you...two blogs in one week!