Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life's A Beach!

So... My mom came down to visit last weekend. This was the first time she had been down to NC since we bought our house last January. Yeah- it's been awhile! :-)

She said she would come down to visit under one condition.... she wanted to walk on the beach and feel the waves. I didn't have any complaints about this suggestion.

We got up early Saturday and drove down to Fort Fisher, NC.

The gazebo. Beautiful Fort Fisher.

Looking for food.

Having fun with our shadows.

The kite people.

Welp- there ya have it. Our day trip to the beach. Wish you were there, huh!
FYI- the last picture is not us (duh). My mom and I were minding our business, just chillin on Carolina Beach. We were the only ones on the beach for a good half mile in either direction. That's when the kite people showed up. It started with two ladies, mid forties maybe, walking the beach pulling a kite as they went. They past us once. Then apparently needed to go back from where they were coming from. They passed us a second time. This time however, they saw a guy who looked as though he was about to launch his kite (right beside of us). It was one of those with two handles. Impressive, I know! (haha) Being nice, GOOD kite people, they decided to stop and help him (right beside of us). Before you know it, the ladies are on one side of us and the guy is on the other. The kite is not in the mood to go on flight so it repeatedly crashes back onto the sand (right beside of us). We had to duck several times so not to be decapitated by the kite string. Did I mention that all of this was taking place RIGHT BESIDE OF US... WITH NO ONE ELSE FOR MILES! Needless to say, but you can only handle that for so long. We gave up and decided to head to dinner.

He never did get the kite in the air.


Jessica said...

Looks like fun, despite the kite people. The beach looks beautiful!

Jessie said...

Beautiful pictures my friend! Glad you were able to hang out with your mom.

supermommysquared said...

Yuor pictures make me miss the beach! We are going to First Presby in downtown Charleston. So far we really like it!