Friday, April 25, 2008

Then we continued south towards Wilmington...

trying to park was interesting... we found a pay-to-park lot. We parked and followed the signs to figure out where to pay. We found a big metal box. The directions said to fold up dollar bills and stick them into the slot with the correlating number (where you parked). That seemed a little shady so we went and found a meter instead. We walked around for a while... mainly down by the river. That evening we stayed in a very classy joint. Can't you tell my the glassless table top and chairs with no bottoms??? This was very unique patio furniture. I think Martha Stewart must have done the decorating.
(Let's just say it was the cheapest we could find in Wilmington)

One good thing offered in Wilmington was diner at the Olive Garden... my fave! :-)

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