Monday, August 13, 2007

My Own Ty

Let me begin by telling the story about my husband Shawn.

It was back in May that Shawn had one of his many brilliant ideas. We needed a cabinet to fit in our kitchen beside of the fridge. It was kind of an odd size that we needed. The only one
we found at Lowes (that MIGHT work) was about $150. Yowzers... I wasn't exactly excited about that. This is when I could smell the wheels in Shawn's mind working overtime. He decided that he would build the cabinet. Seriously?!? I thought to myself... but soon agreed because I could see he was already 'emotionally' committed. (when he gets his mind set to something- no turning back- or so I thought)

The very next day, he was off buying all the the wood that he would need for this 'simple' project. He measured twice and cut once. I was impressed. Then the project came to a sudden halt. He wasn't quite sure how he wanted to hang the doors. Apparently there are many different types and hinges... and he just didn't know which ones he wanted to use.
So- it is now August and here is a picture of my kitchen storage cabinet. Or I guess I should call it, more appropriately, my pile of wood.
Well, there is more to the story...

So- I have been wanting a new bookshelf for a while. I have tons of books. More books that I will ever have time to read. But I like books... and I am getting into the habit of buying cute children's books for when we have kids someday. Needless to say, our measly Wal-mart fake wood with the cardboard back bookshelf needed a little help. I started to smell those wheels turning again... and here it came. "I'll make you a bookshelf honey" he said with a smile. And of course my first thought was- I don't have room for more wood to be stacked around the house. Then off he went- to game plan. He started by drawing this sketch Friday night. I liked it... kinda had a retro, artsy twist to it. Very modern and much more detailed than the cabinet he never finished. That kinda worried me... but he told me to have a little faith in him and he promised me a book self.

Sure enough, Saturday morning he was off to Lowes to buy all of the wood he would need and got right to work.He used the bed of the truck as a make-shift work bench. :-) And as you can see below...I gave him a hand in the project... well... I guess I should say I have him a stand in the project. (haha) Yup... your eyes are seeing it correct. I stood on some of the boards to stabilize them while he cut them. Maybe he should ask Santa for a work bench with the wood clamps. TaDa! I now have a very cool book self! It still needs to be stained and put into place... but I am so excited. I am starting to make him a list of things he needs to make... any suggestions? :-)


Jessica said...

I have a suggestion, Shawn can come to my house and build me something. I have plenty of ideas! I love the shelf! Very cool! :)

Jessie said...

OOohh yeah....the next time you two are up here - He and Mike can build me some shelves for my basement. I really need some. I love that bookcase! WAY TO GO SHAWN!!!

erin blakley said...

Tell Shawn it looks great!!

seattlebags said...

I love the shelf!

Dee Dee said...

Yay Shawn! He got his good name back after the cabinet thing. Does he still have plans for that one?
By the way, the bookshelf is beautiful.