Saturday, August 11, 2007

That's All I'm Worth?!? HA!

Well... A very close blogging friend of mine recently had a post that calculated the amount her blog was "worth". Now mind you, she did not come up with this figure on her own. :-)

There is really a page out there that will calculate the amount-in dollars-your blog is worth. LOL. ( btw...I am not kidding. )

Apparently Jess is a pretty good blogger. I enjoy reading them. Apparently many others do as well. According to the Internet site, her blog is worth $101,617.20. WOW! I thought to myself... and of course this made me wonder about my pitiful little blog.

Yeah well... the results are in...

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

I guess I better get busy...


Jessica said...

I think you're worth more than that! :) Happy Blogging!

Michelle said...

Hey, girl! I didn't post for almost a month, so I can just imaging what mine's worth!

Jessie said...

How sad that my blog is worth "$0.00"?! I am such a loser! I don't understand!?! You'll still like me won't you?! *wimper*

erin blakley said...'re blog is priceless :)