Tuesday, September 11, 2007

creepy and beautiful

I personally don't think I would want to be considered creepy and beautiful... at least not in the same sentence.

The visitor I found when coming home from work tonight however, is... both.
This last picture, with my hand, was an attempt to show the size of the spider. My hand is actually about 6 inches in front of the spider (window was in the way). So in reality, the spider was about the length of my index finger.

The first two pics were about he same... I had a hard time determining which one had better coloring.


Jessie said...

definitely more creepy than beautiful... oh that gives me the willies so bad. Good pictures though! I like the yellowish one, but the spider stands out more on the blueish one. OOO! That's creepy. :)

erin blakley said...

1st of all...that's gross, yet cool. 2nd of all...I know, I know...I feel like our lives have been crazy lately, yet still boring. I really have dropped the ball on the blog.

Michelle said...

That is the ONLY spider I consider to be cool. I don't kow what their real name is, but we call them "writer spiders" because of the zipper they seem to "write" in their web. Also, when something touches the web, the spider starts to pulse or bounce. It's pretty cool, at least for a Biologist!