Thursday, February 14, 2008

Midnight Snowbunnies

Well... Happy Valentine's Day (kinda early though- it's just after midnight)

We just got some unexpected snow. I am sure they knew aout it down at the weather station, but somehow, Shawn and I didn't have a clue it was coming.

We were just talking earlier about all the rain we have been getting the past few days and how we wish it would drop a few degrees... YAY! It Did!
Now we are all excited and can't get to sleep. That is one cool thing about being a teacher... SNOW DAYS... I sure do hope it doesn't melt off by morning or I am going to be one sleepy 2nd grade teacher.


Jessica said...

I hope you got a snow day...and if you did, I'm jealous!

erin blakley said...

aw...I'm so jealous! I'm excited for your snow day, though! Happy Valentines Day!