Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Groundhog Day Family Tradition

With the thoughts of starting a family in a future, I have been contemplating more on family traditions. I think back to the traditions that my family did and all the special memories I have from my childhood. Then my mind starts moving toward new traditions that I would like to incorporate in the future with my husband and (someday) children.

I must say, that this year's Groundhog Day activities are deffiniatly new for me. I wouldn't necessarily repeat this 'tradition' every year to come...but ya just never know. :-)

(be sure to look closely to the time-stamp...and yes it was today)
I suppose we could have hung pink and red hearts...then green shamrocks...maybe even plastic Easter eggs...too bad all the needles were falling off.
haha (I do hope you realize that I am joking)


Jessica said...

I'm all for year round. By the time Christmas is over I feel like the tree is a permanent fixture in my house! :) Just waiting until you have kids, it may be St. Patrick's Day before you get the tree down...not that I would know anything about that.

Dee Dee said...

Mine is out of the house but still sitting without lights or anything, in the stand, on the front porch. I thought maybe we should just spray it with some kind of mega-glue to make the remaining needles stick, then turn it into a permanent tree.
Or Paul could get around to getting rid of it. There'll probably be a little bonfire, whenever he gets a free hour.