Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Pictures in January :-)

Well... Christmas pictures in January... are you surprised?
Don't be! :-) And don't worry ladies, I have plenty of pics from last year that I still plan on posting. They are going to be a part of an upcoming "rewind" series of posts... :-)
Anyways... here are a few exciting pictures from the holiday...

Thanks to Mike... Shawn tried to disguise the fact that he got me a CD. My mom's cocker (Gini) guarding her new baby. Gotta love takin' naps.

Us :-) Christmas dayMy mom and step-dad, Bob.

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Jessie said...

Ha! I just read the captions to these pictures! I wonder how many other cd's got disguised this year thanks to Mike :)
We got a 2008 Honda Civic...very reasonably priced :)
I miss you!