Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rewind-Episode #2

Rewind...back to September 22nd.

It was a warm, sunny day. The smell of burgers and hotdogs made mouths water. Laughter filled the air.

Friends from church gathered at the Hatfield house... about 30 or so. The guys enjoyed pitchin' shoes and the girls chatted away.

And then there was Heidi... my dog... for those of you that have had the privilege of being around her...yeah... you know what I am talking about.

She has NO people skills what-so-ever. She especially doesn't like boys and carries on like she is under attack. And for some reason, she only jumps into the laps of pregnant people (it has happened a few times now).

However, once the crowd went on their way, she loosened up and enjoyed herself.

Here are a few cute pictures of her playing in the ice we dumped out from one of the coolers of soft drinks. She had a BLAST! She would not get out of it...

Let me know if the four pics of my dog won't load... when I tried to post it I got a message that there was an error in my HTML... thanks!


Jessica said...

The pictures loaded fine. Heidi is so cute! Has she jumped in your lap lately? ;-)

Jessie said...

HA! I love the one of her laying in it - cracks me up!
The hotdogs looked extra yummy too.