Thursday, March 6, 2008

Playing Dress-Up

We have been celebrating Read Across America this past week at school in conjunction with Dr. Seuss' birthday. As part of the week long celebration, we have had a few dress up days at school. In honor of Dr. Seuss' Wacky Wednesday book- we dressed wacky... on Wednesday. :-) The 2nd grade teachers had a little too much fun with this! (One of my students asked me why I dressed up like the tooth fairy- haha)

Then today, everyone was to dress up as a book character. Can you tell who I am? No... try again... no... oh- yup! You got it... Pippi Longstocking! Some of the guesses of my children today were... Ronald McDonald...a clown...The Cat in the Hat... now- mind you that we actually had people dressed up as the Cat in the Hat all week... I don't know what some of my kiddos were thinkin! Only one of my kids guessed it right- and I later found out it was because apparently her mother tried to get her to dress as Pippi.

Anyways... several children in my class came dressed today... and let me just tell you.... one of my students tickled me the most! She walked in with a branch from a bush tied in her ponytail. It had tons of little leaves that hovered above her head. The other kids were making the strangest faces. One student looked at me and asked- "Why does she have a tree on her head?" I just had to laugh. Then she walked right up to me, and as serious as a 7 year old to say... she said.... "I'm the Giving Tree!" It was tooooo cute!!!

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