Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To Ye Faithful Readers

I've got some stuff coming... I think about blogging more on my drive to work than any other part of the day... My brain just starts flowing... too bad I am driving and not typing... I think I need a chauffeur and a laptop

That would definitely help to fix my lack of blogging time lately :-)

humm... too bad


Jessica said...

I completely understand ya! I am constantly thinking of things to blog about, but when time comes to it I can't remember what those things were! UGH!

Jessica said...

Hey! I responded to your questions in my comment section on my blog. I guess I could email you, but ya know...that takes energy! :)

erin blakley said...

no problem!! Whenever you find what you want, just let me know!!

Rebecca said...

Hi, Rebecca! Have you considered a hand-held tape-recorder?

In case you are lacking inspiration, I'm tagging you with "7 Random Things".

Come over and check out the "rules".


twbowes said... is a shout out...I am not lurking anymore. As a matter of fact, I lurked around your party blog tonight too. I will now go back to lurking.

P.S. I DON'T have your email address.