Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is it....

well... can you believe that this is it? my 100th post... too bad it took from april 15th, 2007 to make it to 100.... yeah.... there have been a lot more than a hundred days to pass me by...

well... my plan has not amounted to much... you see, i had big hopes of coming up with a scavenger hunt for "my readers"! and there was going to be a prize! woo hoo!...

that didn't happen...
YET!!! it is coming... just not right now...

for now, instead of a fun time for you, i am going to have fun time for me... below you are going to find my favorite posts... have fun reflecting with me over my last 100 posts... (in no particular order... well- that's a lie- they are from oldest to most recent)

We Freed the Hotdogs

Mother Daughter Blonde Moment

Need a good laugh? (video)

Rewind Episode #2

Paid The Price

Blog Party Like a Rock Star

Cardboard Testimony (video)

Shrubbery is my Weakness! (video)

3 Down Many More to Come

True Woman '08

Happy 100 to me!

which post was your favorite?


erin blakley said...

I'm gonna vote for "Mother Daughter Blonde Moment" because I didn't remember reading it earlier and now that I just did, I miss you even more!! You are hilarious and I love you! Happy (late) 100th! :)

Jessie said...

HAPPY 100 to you!!!! My favorite posts are the ones that you post your pictures - you are so good :)